About Us.


Once more, welcome to Parrotdize, the Paradise for parrots and for parrot lovers. We are a family breeding 4 breeds of parrots and believe in the fact that every family needs a feathered friend and that’s how we came about this Business. 

My Ellen and married to my lovely Husband and we have two sets of twins. Two boys and 2 girls. We’ve been breeding these parrots for over 14 years now and we’ve shipped to over 20 countries and we’re really proud to have put companions in hundreds of homes. 

Our home is surrounded by trees and we sometimes take these birds outside for while and make them feel the breeze and watch the trees sway, which gives instant excitement to them. Also, there isn’t so much noise from birds which leads to the birds only mimicking the words we teach them or words we teach them. 

We have other pets at home. One British shorthair and one Golden Retriever. They are all fun of these parrots and to be honest, all pet birds love our other birds. The only disadvantages we have from this bond is the fact that their playing lets to us always arranging stuff. But it’s always fun to watch and listen to our parrots report the cat and the dog. 

Before we give out our birds for adoption, we start training them on how to speak certain basic words like salutations, thanks, and others. Clients just take off from where we left and we also give them out for adoption with some toys, food and a cage. There’s a handbook for people with zero experience in keeping pets. 

We started this business because of the fact that we have a high level of devotion when it comes to breeding exotic birds. The first we gave out for adoption was so well done than the family that adopted her decided to send us 3 other clients. So we decided:  If we’re good at this, then we should strive to touch more families with our lovely Feathered friends. 

We wish to touch homes, people living alone in apartments, and anybody who enjoys the company of any exotic bird. We hope you contact us for more information. Thanks for stopping by. 

Ohh! and one more thing, make sure you don’t have any feathers on your hair because while you were busy reading, there was an African Grey playing on your head. 

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We ship our birds world wide. We do an outstanding delivery by making sure your bird get’s to you sound and safe so you have nothing to worry about our time has professionals in charge. Shipping is done using the fast mode delivery system. Your bird will be delivered in a crate right at your doorstep.